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Why Us
Our company is licensed and insured to assure our clients that we are responsible for the service we deliver. The most important motto for Meko Enterprise LLC is to be a “great steward” of our and others assets, properties, and time. We believe that our services, respond time, and quality are what make us different. 

Meko Enterprise LLC – Janitorial Division is a family owned and operated business that is located in Atlanta, GA. Since our company was established in 2006, we’ve treated every previous & current client like they are part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services but we listen to our clients and have very low turnover in our staff. 

Meet the Key People to our Success

Lamont Moore – Business Development Manager
      • Certificated in Construction Business Management
      • Over 15 years of experience in management & projects
      • Mold Mediation Certificated

Mark Jones – Senior Sales Manager / Quality Assurance Manager
      • Military Veteran
      • Over 30 years of experience in floor cleaning & maintenance
      • Experienced staff trainer for floor maintenance for building like Hospitals, Industry Buildings, Offices, and Warehouses

Carol Moore – Research Analyst 
      • Master in Business Administration 
      • Over 10 years in contract negotiation

James Chamber - HVAC Specialist ​
       • Military Veteran
       • Over 20 years of experience in residential & commercial

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